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    Based on the work of the EUA Learning & Teaching Initiative and the outcomes of the 1st European Learning & Teaching Forum, the EUA Council endorsed a policy statement on 26 January that addresses the changing learning landscape in European universities.

    The European Commission has issued its proposal for the Council Recommendation on Key Competences for Lifelong Learning, which is a revision of the 2006 Key Competences. The latest version is adjusted to recent changes that have taken place in education and society. For example, rather than “literacy”, the document now emphasises “media literacy”. It also refers to “languages” instead of “mother tongue” and “foreign languages”.

    On 17 January 2018, the European Commission issued its “Digital Education Action Plan” – the EU’s first major intervention in the field of digital education since the 2013 “Opening up Education” Communication. The Plan proposes concrete measures, such as establishing a Europe-wide platform for digital higher education and enhanced cooperation, a digital connection between universities’ information systems and a European student card.

    The European Commission has launched a series of public consultations to ask stakeholders and citizens in which areas Europe should invest in the future. This is to prepare the next Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) post-2020 which will also include the next Erasmus Programme, the Framework Programme for Research (FP9) and structural funds. EUA is closely involved in the discussions through its campaign on EU Funding for Universities and will continue to advocate for ambitious, simple and sustainable funding on behalf of its members.

    EUA is carrying out a study on the organisation of doctoral education in Europe. The outcomes of the study will influence future activities of EUA and its Council for Doctoral Education (EUA-CDE). The latter brings together a community of academic leaders and doctoral education professionals from more than 230 universities in over 30 countries.

    EUA Members and partners are invited to voice their support and to provide feedback on a draft advocacy proposal to the EU to establish a specific grant under the Erasmus+ programme for support of the placement of scholars and students with international protection status at European higher education and research institutions. As the funding should come from budgets for third-country cooperation, this should not diminish the intra-European Erasmus+ programme.

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