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4th EUA Funding Forum

Frameworks that empower, universities that deliver

The 2018 EUA Funding Forum will focus on discussion and exchange of experiences among university leaders and managers and policy-makers. Keep yourself updated about the latest trends in university funding and governance and enjoy a highly interactive event that will give you new insights and inspiration to take home.

Hosted by Ramon Llull University, Barcelona, Spain

18 - 19 October 2018

  • In the fourth edition of this biennial event, universities, public authorities and partners come together to exchange on the latest funding trends, opportunities and challenges of university funding. 

    This year’s Forum will both feature well-known popular formats and step up interaction among participants through a variety of new activities. Expert panels, in plenary, will frame the topics to introduce the discussion. Master classes will provide an up-to-date overview of most recent trends in higher education and research funding. In the Forum “expert rooms”, university leaders and managers and policy-makers will learn from peers. Participants will engage with each other in learning cafés and roundtables. The event, which philosophy can be summarised by “share and learn to grow and improve”, will focus on empowering institutions in financial and economic environments characterised by uncertainty and risk. Policy-makers will have the opportunity to explore reform mechanisms of interest. In a nutshell, the Forum will enrich the perspectives of both institutional leaders and policy-makers engaged in funding reforms and more broadly in change management.

    In particular, the Forum will be an opportunity to:

    • find out about the latest evolutions in public funding to universities across Europe and benchmark investment efforts thanks to EUA’s Public Funding Observatory
    • understand the ins and outs of the debate on efficiency and effectiveness  in university management, how much HEIs already do about it, and what policies can support their action;
    • upgrade your capacity to master and manage change as a university leader via exclusive training;
    • assess the stakes of the battle for the next generation of EU funding programmes, and prepare your institution in time;
    • meet among decision-makers to identify ingredients for successful reform design and implementation 
    • get new insights on how to develop partnerships that support your missions as an HEI;
    • learn how to communicate around the impact of your HEI on its environment.

    Call for contributions

    In this context, contributions from researchers focusing on higher education and research funding will bring added value to the discussion and support the development of evidence-based institutional strategies and policies. EUA has opened a call for contributions until 30 April 2018. Contributions should be related to university funding and management.

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